Blood Death Knight PvP Guide

Level 100, Patch 7.3

This PvP guide is no longer current and will be dissolved in an upcoming site update.

Blood Death Knight PvP Gems and Enchants - 7.3

These guides are based on an automatic system, using statistics from PvP Leaderboards to make guide recommendations. We only use statistics from high-rating, competitive PvP players. Unfortunately, our system has flagged the statitiscs for this guide as incompetent. There is currently not enough Blood Death Knight players in the competitive end-game of PvP to create reliable recommendations with.

When enough Blood Death Knight players are competitive and the statistics are available, then this guide will automatically update!

Other Death Knight Specs

In the meantime, we highly recommend you consider playing a different Death Knight spec for PvP. Check out the noxxic PvP Rankings to see which specs are currently the most viable.