death-knight iconBlood Death Knight

WoW Class Guide • WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.7

Tank Rotation

This rotation guide should help give a basic understanding of what to do, what's most important, and how to prioritize Blood Death Knight abilities and cooldowns.

Tank Rotation

  1. Death and Decay on cooldown
  2. Abomination Limb and Empower Rune Weapon (with 1+ empty Rune and 3 missing Bone Shield charges)
  3. Dancing Rune Weapon on cooldown (with less than 6-7 Bone Shield charges)
  4. Tombstone with 6+ Bone Shield charges and 20+ seconds remaining on Dancing Rune Weapon cooldown
  5. Death's Caress (outside Dancing Rune Weapon) or Marrowrend (during Dancing Rune Weapon) if Bone Shield is expiring.
  6. Death Strike to prevent Runic Power cap (or when needing health)
  7. Blood Boil if nearby enemies lack Blood Plague or if at 2 charges
  8. Marrowrend with 6 or fewer Bone Shield stacks
  9. Heart Strike with 3+ Runes
  10. Blood Boil

In summary

Important Cooldowns

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