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Tank Rotation & Cooldowns

Note: This page is not yet updated for the latest patch of 10.0.2 in WoW Dragonflight.

Single Target Tank Rotation

When tanking one target, use the following priority list:

  1. Marrowrend (If need to prevent Bone Shield expiring)
  2. Death Strike (If meets criteria in Note 1)
  3. Blood Boil (If 2 charges or to apply Blood Plague on nearby enemies)
  4. Marrowrend (If <=7 stacks of Bone Shield)
  5. Heart Strike (If >= 3 runes. See Note 2)
  6. Blood Boil (If Dancing Rune Weapon active)
  7. Death and Decay (With Crimson Scourge procs)
  8. Blood Boil

You can ignore the 3+ rune requirement for Heart Strike if you need to generate more Runic Power. Just be mindful of Bone Shield stacks and available runes to refresh using Marrowrend.

Note 1: Use Death Strike if Bone Shield is about to expire or to prevent your next ability from putting you at or over the Runic Power cap.

Note 2: If talented with Ossuary, it's important to maintain at least 5 stacks of Bone Shield. Be mindful of your rune count as you need to be able to Marrowrend as necessary to maintain 5 stacks of Bone Shield.

AoE Tank Rotation

When tanking multiple targets at once, the rotation remains the same, with one minor change: Move Death and Decay up to priority #5 -- and use it everytime it's available, regardless of Crimson Scourge procs.

Important Cooldowns

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