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Talent Builds

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Death Knight Tree Summary

This build focuses on Single Target effectiveness through the use of Death Strike, Cleaving Strikes, Improved Death Strike, Icebound Fortitude, and Icy Talons.


  • Permafrost improves Single Target damage due to the absorb shield it provides.
  • Anti-magic Zone improves AoE survivability by reducing spell damage taken.

Blood Tree Summary

This build focuses on Single Target effectiveness through Heart Strike, Marrowrend, and Death's Caress, and AoE effectiveness through Blood Boil and Heartbreaker.


  • Vampiric Blood improves burst survivability and healing due to its increased maximum health and healing/absorb bonus.
  • Crimson Scourge improves AoE damage and burst potential through its chance to reset Death and Decay's cooldown and reduce its rune cost.
  • Ossuary improves Runic Power management and Death Strike's availability through its cost reduction and increased maximum Runic Power.
  • Rune Tap improves damage mitigation through its damage reduction effect.
  • Leeching Strike improves survivability through its self-healing effect.
  • Shattering Bone improves AoE damage through the shattering effect of consumed Bone Shield charges.
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