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DPS Rotation & Cooldowns

During combat you are constantly making decisions for what to cast next. Knowing what to do and when is critical for being effecting at DPS. This rotation guide should help give a basic understanding of what to do, what's most important, and how to prioritize Outlaw Rogue abilities and cooldowns.


As a rogue, you'll be building and spending combo points, utilizing cooldowns when available, and as Assassination specialized you'll be influenced by the current buff from Roll the Bones, which should always be kept active.

Building Combo Points

  1. Ambush (if stealthed)
  2. Pistol Shot (with Opportunity procs)
  3. Sinister Strike

Spending Combo Points

Be sure to spend combo points at the maximum number -- but avoid going over the cap. Spend points before the cap if you would end up over the cap due to Quick Draw or Broadside.

  1. Slice and Dice (Keep active)
  2. Between the Eyes (On CD)
  3. Dispatch


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