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DPS Rotation & Cooldowns

Note: This page is not yet updated for the latest patch of 10.0.5 in WoW Dragonflight.

Single Target Rotation

When focusing on one target, use this priority list:

  1. Rune of Power (when Combustion is available)
  2. Meteor (Under the conditions in Note 1)
  3. Combustion (When available)
  4. Rune of Power (If it has 2 charges [or soon will.])
  5. Pyroblast (With Hot Streak procs)
  6. Dragon's Breath (Under the conditions in Note 2)
  7. Fire Blast (With Heating Up)
  8. Scorch (If target is <= 30% health [See Note 3 & 4])
  9. Fireball (See Note 3)

During times you have to be moving use Scorch when there are no instant spells to use.

Note 1: Only cast Meteor during Rune of Power. If you did not select that talent, you can use Meteor during Combustion or while it's remaining cooldown is greater than 45 seconds.

Note 2: Dragon's Breath is only worth casting under the condition that Combustion is expiring in one second -- as it makes maximum use of Combustion.

Note 3: This generates Heating Up.

Note 4: This generates Hot Streak.

AoE DPS Rotation

When fighting multiple targets, you can continue with the single-target rotation. The main difference is to replace Pyroblast with Flamestrike for consuming Hot Streak procs.

Important Cooldowns

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