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WoW Class Guide • WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.1

Talent Builds

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Druid Tree Summary

This build focuses on single target effectiveness through Rake, Rejuvenation, Sunfire, Rip, and Stampeding Roar abilities. It also provides some survivability through Frenzied Regeneration and Ironfur.


Starfire improves single target damage due to its high damage. Thick Hide reduces all damage taken by 6%, improving overall survivability.

Feral Tree Summary

This build focuses on Single Target effectiveness through Tiger's Fury, Omen of Clarity, Merciless Claws, Predator, Sabertooth, and Pouncing Strikes.


  • Primal Claws improves Single Target due to generating 1 extra combo point.
  • Tear Open Wounds improves AoE due to consuming up to 4 sec of Rip damage and dealing 70% of it instantly.
  • Double-clawed Rake improves AoE due to applying Rake to 1 additional nearby target.
  • Protective Growth improves survivability due to reducing all damage you take by 5% while your Regrowth is on you.
  • Tireless Energy improves Single Target and Burst Damage due to increased maximum Energy and Energy regeneration.
  • Sudden Ambush improves Single Target due to a chance for Rake or Shred to deal damage as though you were stealthed.
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