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Talent Builds

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Evoker Tree Summary

This build focuses on AoE effectiveness by through Landslide, Obsidian Scales, Expunge, Natural Convergence, Permeating Chill, and Verdant Embrace.


  • Forger of Mountains improves AoE due to its increased durability and cooldown reduction of Landslide.
  • Obsidian Bulwark improves Single Target damage mitigation by adding an extra charge to Obsidian Scales.
  • Scarlet Adaptation improves Single Target damage by consuming stored healing to increase Living Flame's damage.
  • Roar of Exhilaration improves Burst Damage by generating Essence when successfully interrupting enemies with Quell.
  • Sleep Walk improves AoE control by disorienting enemies and causing them to walk towards you.
  • Bountiful Bloom improves AoE healing by allowing Emerald Blossom to heal additional allies.

Devastation Tree Summary

This build focuses on AoE effectiveness through Pyre, Eternity Surge, Dragonrage, and Firestorm. It also enhances single target damage with Shattering Star and Causality.


  • Volatility improves AoE due to a chance for Pyre to explode again on a nearby target.
  • Heat Wave improves AoE by increasing Fire Breath damage.
  • Honed Aggression improves Single Target and AoE by increasing Azure Strike and Living Flame damage.
  • Eternity's Span improves AoE by allowing Eternity Surge and Shattering Star to hit twice as many targets.
  • Snapfire improves AoE due to a chance to reset Firestorm's cooldown and increase its damage.
  • Font of Magic improves Burst Damage by increasing empower spells' maximum level.
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