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WoW Class Guide • WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.0.2 • Noxxic Legacy

Stat Priority

Below are the recommended gems & enchants based on the Stat Priority Guide. As mentioned there, the recommended Stat Priority (which determines these recomendations) are generalized to be well-suited for most players. However, simulating your own character will always give the most accurate stat weights.

Stat Priority

Intellect > Critical Strike > Mastery >= Haste > Versatility

Stat Summaries

  • Intellect increases the damage and healing done by your spells.
  • Critical Strike increase the chance for your spells and attacks to critically hit for additional damage and healing.
  • Mastery provides a passive bonus to your character based on your specialization.
  • Haste increases attack and spell casting speed, adds additional damage and healing to DoTs and HoTs, and reduces the GCD.
  • Versatility increases your damage, healing, and absorption done and decreases damage received.

Stat Weights

  • Intellect 7.81
  • Spell Power 7.08
  • Critical Strike 4.88
  • Mastery 4.67
  • Haste 4.58
  • Versatility 3.98

PAWN String (AddOn)

( Pawn: v1: "noxxic-legacy-evoker-devastation": Class=Evoker, Spec=Devastation, HasteRating=4.58, Versatility=3.98, MasteryRating=4.67, Intellect=7.81, CritRating=4.88 )

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