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DPS Rotation & Cooldowns

During combat you are constantly making decisions for what to cast next. Knowing what to do and when is critical for being effecting at DPS. This rotation guide should help give a basic understanding of what to do, what's most important, and how to prioritize Assassination Rogue abilities and cooldowns.

Single Target DPS Rotation

Use Deadly Poison (Lethal) and Crippling Poison (Non-Lethal.)

  1. Slice and Dice (keep active)
  2. Rupture keep active (with 4+ Combo Points)
  3. Garrote keep active
  4. Vendetta on cooldown
  5. Vanish on cooldown
  6. Envenom (with 4+ Combo Points)
  7. Mutilate

If on the move and out of range, use Poisoned Knife.

AoE DPS Rotation

  1. See single target rotation.
  2. Maintain your DoTs on as many targets as possible.
  3. Swap Mutilate for Fan of Knives to build Combo Points with 3+ targets.

The AoE rotation is very similar to the single target rotation with the changes noted above. Your highest priority is to maintain your DoTs on as many targets as possible while continuing with your single target rotation and to integrate Fan of Knives with multiple targets.

Important Cooldowns

  • Vendetta Use on cooldown for burst damage. Use Vanish immediately after Vendetta to trigger your Stealth based talents.
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