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WoW Class Guide • WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.1

DPS Rotation

During combat you are constantly making decisions for what to cast next. Knowing what to do and when is critical for being effective at DPS. This rotation guide should help give a basic understanding of what to do, what's most important, and how to prioritize Fury Warrior abilities and cooldowns.

Single Target Rotation

  1. Whirlwind (maintain buff)
  2. Bloodthirst (gain Enrage if Rampage not usable)
  3. Recklessness
  4. Avatar (with Recklessness)
  5. Spear of Bastion
  6. Rampage (maintains Enrage)
  7. Odyn's Fury (ideally with multiple targets)
  8. Execute (if target is below 35% health or when Sudden Death procs)
  9. Raging Blow or Crushing Blow (to generate Rage)
  10. Bloodthirst or Bloodbath (if Raging Blow is unavailable or Enrage is not up)

When nothing else to do, use Whirlwind.

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