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WoW Class Guide • WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.2.5 • Noxxic Legacy

DPS Rotation & Cooldowns

Note: This page is not yet updated for the latest patch of 10.0.5 in WoW Dragonflight.

Single Target Rotation

Shadowlands brought back Maelstrom Weapon which is an integral part of the Enhancement rotation. You will want to make sure to never go past the 10 stack cap. For flexibility in options it's best to not spend it right away, either, letting it climb up to ~8 stacks before consuming.

  1. Windfury Totem (Keep active at all times)
  2. (if talented) Ascendance
  3. (if talented) Elemental Blast (with 5+ Maelstrom Weapon)
  4. Lightning Bolt (with 8+ Maelstrom Weapon)
  5. Flame Shock (Maintain DoT)
  6. Stormstrike
  7. Feral Spirit (On CD)
  8. (if talented) Sundering
  9. Frost Shock
  10. Lava Lash
  11. Crash Lightning

Be sure to If you find yourself needing to fill gaps in between cooldowns, you can cast Lightning Bolt with 5 or more stacks of Maelstrom.

If you talented Lashing Flames or Hot Hand, you will want to prioritize Lava Lash higher at times to maintain the debuff (or consume the procs).

AoE Rotation

When fighting multiple targets, use the following priority:

  1. Windfury Totem (Keep active at all times)
  2. Frost Shock with Hailstorm stacks
  3. (If have talent) Sundering
  4. Chain Lightning (With 5+ Maelstrom Weapon)
  5. Crash Lightning
  6. Stormstrike (To consume Gathering Storms)
  7. Lava Lash

Important Cooldowns

Be sure to utilize the following cooldowns:

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