warlock iconDestruction Warlock

WoW Class Guide • WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.7

DPS Rotation

This rotation guide should help give a basic understanding of what to do, what's most important, and how to prioritize Destruction Warlock abilities and cooldowns.

Single Target Rotation

  1. Immolate (maintain)
  2. Chaos Bolt (cast with 5 Soul Shards)
  3. Conflagrate (cast with 2 charges)
  4. Cataclysm
  5. Conflagrate (cast to generate Soul Shards)
  6. Incinerate (cast to generate Soul Shards)

AoE Rotation

  1. Immolate (maintain on up to 3 targets)
  2. Rain of Fire (use as main Soul Shard consuming spell with at least 3 targets stacked together)

Instead of Rain of Fire, consider using Chaos Bolt when more beneficial, such as when targets constantly move away from the Rain of Fire area.

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