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WoW Class Guide • WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.6

DPS Rotation

This rotation guide should help give a basic understanding of what to do, what's most important, and how to prioritize Arcane Mage abilities and cooldowns.


There are two rotation phases: Burn and Conserve. In Burn, you use all your manage for damage, and in Conserve phase, you maintain mana while waiting for cooldowns.

Burn Phase

Enter Burn Phase when:

During this phase, use all your Mana for damage, and then use Evocation to restore Mana.

Burn Phase priority:

  1. Evocation (if have Siphon Storm)
  2. Arcane Orb
  3. Rune of Power
  4. Other available cooldowns (racial abilities and on-use trinkets)
  5. Radiant Spark
  6. Arcane Blast x3 (if Arcane Surge is ready, x4 otherwise)
  7. Arcane Surge
  8. Apply 4 stacks of Radiant Spark on the target
  9. Nether Tempest (won't consume the final Radiant Spark charge)
  10. Arcane Barrage (consuming the final Radiant Spark charge)
  11. Immediately after Arcane Barrage, cast Touch of the Magi (TotM)
  12. Arcane Blast when Nether Precision is up during TotM
  13. Arcane Missiles while Clearcasting is up during TotM

Arcane Blast when nothing else to do.

Conserve Phase

Maintain at least 60% Mana following this priority:

  1. Arcane Orb (when available)
  2. Shifting Power (when available)
  3. Arcane Missiles (with 3 stacks of Clearcasting)
  4. Arcane Blast (with Nether Precision)
  5. Arcane Missiles (with Clearcasting)
  6. Arcane Barrage (when on 4 Arcane Charges and below 60% Mana, skip if next burn is a full burn)

Arcane Blast when nothing else to do.

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