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Talent Builds

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Evoker Tree Summary

This build focuses on Single Target effectiveness through Obsidian Scales, Expunge, Permeating Chill, Verdant Embrace, Innate Magic, and Enkindled.


  • Forger of Mountains improves Single Target due to Landslide's cooldown reduction and increased damage resistance.
  • Obsidian Bulwark improves Single Target due to an additional charge of Obsidian Scales.
  • Scarlet Adaptation improves Single Target due to increased damage from stored healing.
  • Cauterizing Flame improves Single Target due to removing debuffs and healing.
  • Tip the Scales improves Burst Damage due to instant cast of next empowered spell at max level.
  • Bountiful Bloom improves AoE due to healing 2 additional allies with Emerald Blossom.

Preservation Tree Summary

This build focuses on AoE effectiveness through Dream Breath, Emerald Communion, Fluttering Seedlings, Field of Dreams, and Call of Ysera. It also enhances Single Target healing with Echo, Reversion, and Time Dilation.


  • Delay Harm improves Single Target due to delaying 70% of damage taken.
  • Just In Time improves Single Target by reducing Time Dilation's cooldown with each Essence ability cast.
  • Nozdormu's Teachings enhances Single Target by reducing the cooldowns of empower spells by 5 sec.
  • Erasure increases Burst Damage by giving Rewind 2 charges, but reduces its healing by 50%.
  • Empath boosts Single Target as Spiritbloom increases Essence regeneration rate by 100% for 8 sec.
  • Rush of Vitality improves Single Target by increasing maximum health by 20% for 15 sec after using Emerald Communion.
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