DPS Rotation & Cooldowns (5.4.8)

Maintaining a proper Rotation and using the right Cooldowns is essential to maximizing your Retribution Paladin. Use this guide to optimize your single target and AoE rotations while learning how to get the most out of your cooldowns.

Single Target Rotation

Buffs: Maintain these buffs at all times.

DPS Priority: Execute this priority for optimal DPS.

  1. Inquisition Maintain buff.
  2. Templars Verdict with 5 Holy Power.
  3. Hammer of Wrath when target is below 20% Health or with Avenging Wrath.
  4. Crusader Strike to build Holy Power.
  5. Exorcism to build Holy Power.
  6. Judgment to build Holy Power.
  7. Templars Verdict with 3 Holy Power.

The Retribution Paladin rotation involves building and spending Holy Power. Build Holy Power with Hammer of Wrath, Crusader Strike, Exorcism, and Judgment. Spend Holy Power on Inquisition and Templars Verdict. Maintaining Inquisition is your top priority with extra Holy Power spent on Templars Verdict. Prioritize Holy Power builders over Templars Verdict unless you have 5 Holy Power. Also, watch for The Art of War procs that reset the cooldown on Exorcism and use those procs immediately. Add Hammer of Wrath to the rotation when your target is below 20% Health.

AoE Rotation

When dealing with multiple mobs, you will want to continue the single target rotation except use Hammer of The Righteous to replace Crusader Strike as a way to build Holy Power. Also, use Divine Storm instead of Templars Verdict to consume your Holy Power. Seal of Righteousness should be used if > 7 targets are present. Otherwise, use Seal of Truth and try to maintain Censure on as many targets as possible.

Effective Cooldowns

These effective cooldowns are available if you chose them in your talent build.

These are effective cooldowns to try and incorporate into most all encounters.