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SimC Shadow Priest Results • WoW ShadowlandsSeason 4 • Patch 9.2.5

Below ranks the abilities and buffs that were used in the simulation. This can be helpful to see which abilities make up the bulk of the total damage done, giving insight into what should be prioritized in your DPS rotation. The Time Spent tab, combined with "Max" mode, gives great insight into where your time should be optimally spent in a rotation.

Some common abilities might be missing, SimC does not always properly log the abilities used in the simulation.


Damage Done

The total damage each ability averaged during sims.

  1. Devouring Plague25.76%
  2. Mind Blast21.95%
  3. Void Bolt10.87%
  4. Vampiric Touch9.85%
  5. Shadow Word Pain8.14%
  6. Mind Flay7.06%
  7. Shadow Weaving6.68%
  8. Shadow Word Death Self Damage5.01%
  9. Shadow Word Death4.2%
  10. Shadowcore Oil Blast0.49%

Time Spent

The average number of times each ability was cast during sims.

  1. Mind Blast29.42%
  2. Devouring Plague27.68%
  3. Void Bolt17.91%
  4. Shadow Word Death6.07%
  5. Shadow Word Pain5.4%
  6. Vampiric Touch3.57%
  7. Mindbender2.62%
  8. Mind Flay2.55%
  9. Unholy Nova2.38%
  10. Void Eruption1.7%
  11. Fleshcraft0.71%


This is the gear profile used in this simulation. Item enhancements are all maxed out for the simulation, however some may not be displayed properly below.


  • DPS17,254.2 DPS
  • CovenantNecrolord
  • Sim Build45114

DPS Timeline

Peak DPS 54,845.57 DPSLowest DPS 996.1 DPSFight Duration 4.78m


Scale factors were ran in this simulation, below is the resulting stat priority and stat weights.

Scale factors were not calculated in this sim.
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