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DPS Rankings

Restoration Shaman SimC Results

World of WarcraftShadowlands Patch 9.1.5
The total damage each ability averaged during sims.
Note: SimC does not propertly log all abilities despite being used, some may be missing below.
342,349 damage
292,656 damage
108,117 damage
81,370 damage
79,310 damage
69,974 damage
63,797 damage
11,959 damage
10,801 damage
The average number of times each ability was cast during sims.
The average time buffs were active during the duration of the sims.
100% Uptime
100% Uptime
100% Uptime
100% Uptime
100% Uptime
80% Uptime
16% Uptime
12% Uptime
3% Uptime
This is a graphical timeline view of what the DPS looked like during the simulation.
Peak DPS 24,016 DPS
Lowest DPS 2,225 DPS
Duration 4.78m
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