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What’s the best spec for Rogues, Subtlety or Outlaw? Below breaks down their current DPS potential and compares the two.

This page analyzes multiple simulations for both Subtlety Rogues and Outlaw Rogues using profiles and settings intended to achieve their maximum DPS. Multiple sim environments are used to test how they perform in various conditions. Is one the AoE king? Does one scale better with gear upgrades? Is one more bursty, and more reliant on big cooldowns? Below analyzes the data to find the strengths of each.

Simulation results were created with SimulationCraft
Using game data from Patch 10.2.7 WoW Dragonflight

  • Outlaw Rogueoutlaw icon
  • Best boss DPS (in perfect settings)

    Outlaw Rogue achieved 1.99% more maximum boss DPS than Subtlety Rogue when there was no movement or lag.

  • Best AoE DPS (in perfect settings)

    Outlaw Rogue achieved 13.36% more AoE DPS than Subtlety Rogue when there was no movement or lag.

  • Best gear scaling

    Outlaw Rogue scaled better with increased item-levels, single-target DPS benefited 1.43% more from 446 ilvl to 488 compared to Subtlety Rogues.

  • DPS less dependant on big cooldowns

    Outlaw Rogue’s DPS is less bursty, meaning it had more consistent damage. With 71.39% less difference in lowest and peak DPS during a fight when compared to Subtlety Rogues.

  • subtlety iconSubtlety Rogue
  • Best boss DPS (in realistic settings)

    Subtlety Rogue achieved 1.37% more maximum boss DPS than Outlaw Rogue when dealing with occasional movement, lag and crowd-control.

  • Least affected by movement (single-target)

    Subtlety Rogue’s single-target DPS was -15.65% less affected by increased movement compared to Outlaw Rogues.

  • Simplest Gameplay

    Subtlety Rogue has fewer damaging abilities which could indicate a simpler rotation.

While the above highlights the DPS advantages between Outlaw and Subtlety Rogues, the DPS potential should not be the only factor in your decision. Ultimately, you should also consider the playstyle that you enjoy most while crushing it in Mythics+ and Raids!


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