Diablo 3 Gameplay Guide - 2.1.1


Whimsyshire, or the Secret Pony Level, is a secret level in Diablo 3 that is similar to the infamous Cow Level of Diablo 2. But, instead of being full of Hell Bovine, Whimsyshire offers an assortment of brightly colored ponies, unicorns, teddy bears, ice cream, cupcakes, and all other sorts of fluffy stuff … for you to kill!

However, getting to Whimsyshire is no simple matter. You can’t just show up and expect to bring the pain to some pink unicorns! This guide will help you do everything you need to gain access to the rainbow colored promised land.

1. Getting the Plans: Staff of Herding

The first step to accessing Whimsyshire is to obtain the Plans: Staff of Herding that are required to make the Staff of Herding that unlocks Whimsyshire.

To obtain the Plans: Staff of Herding, you will need to do the following.

  1. Kill the demon Izual in Act IV while on the Prime Evil quest.
  2. Izual may be reached by going to the Crystal Colonnade -> Gateway to the Silver Spire -> Silver Spire Level 1 -> Great Span. Izual is the first boss in the Great Span.
  3. If Plans: Staff of Herding does not drop from Izual, reset and try again until you acquire the plans.

2. Crafting the Staff of Herding

After obtaining the Plans: Staff of Herding you need to craft the Staff of Herding! This item only needs to be created once and can be used to access Whimsyshire as often as you desire. All items required to create the Staff of Herding are randomly generated in each dungeon and you might need to reset the game and farm until you get the item!

To craft the Staff of Herding, you should do the following.

  • Get the Black Mushroom from Cathedral Level 1 in Act I.
    • Start the Reign of the Black King quest in Act I.
    • Travel to the Cathedral Gardens waypoint. Enter Leoric’s Passage and then head southwest into Cathedral Level 1.
    • Search Cathedral Level 1 for the Black Mushrooms. The room they can spawn in may change locations with every dungeon reset.
  • Get Leoric’s Shinbone from a fireplace in Leoric’s Manor in Act I.
    • Start The Imprisoned Angel quest in Act I.
    • Travel to the Leoric’s Manor waypoint.
    • Enter Leoric’s Manor and head to the entrance. Enter the room to the northeast. If you can click on Burnt Logs in the fireplace than you will receive the shinbone.
  • Get the Liquid Rainbow from the Mysterious Cave in the Dahlgur Oasis in Act II.
    • Start the Blood and Sand quest in Act II.
    • Travel to the Path of the Oasis waypoint.
    • Head east until you enter Dahlgur Oasis. Take the first turn to the south into a dead end.
    • If Zaven the Alchemist is present, activate and complete his quest to open the Mysterious Cave. If Zaven is not present, reset and try again.
    • Enter the Mysterious Cave and search for a Mysterious Chest. This chest is random and may not always appear. If no chest, reset and try again.
    • Open the chest to receive your rainbow.
  • Purchase Wirt’s Bell for 100,000 gold from the merchant Squirt the Peddler in Caldeum Bazzar in Act II. You earn the achievement Wirt’s Case Scenario at this step.
    • Start the Road to Alcarnus quest in Act II.
    • Go to the Caldeum Bazzar and head southwest to find Squirt near a fountain.
    • Purchase the bell from Squirt in the Miscellaneous tab of her shop.
  • Get the Gibbering Gemstone from the monster Chiltara in the Caverns of Frost Level 2 in the Fields of Slaughter in Act III.
    • Start the Machines of War: Destroy Ballistae quest in Act III.
    • Travel to the Bridge of Korsikk waypoint and head into the Fields of Slaughter.
    • Search the fields until you find the Caverns of Frost or Icefall Caves dungeons. Enter the Caverns of Frost. If you see the Icefall Caves, reset the game and try again until you get the Caverns of Frost.
    • Go to Caverns of Frost Level 2 and search for the rare monster Chiltara. Chiltara is often hidden in small nooks of the map and is burrowed in the ground until you get very close. The gem always drops from Chiltara.
  • Craft the Staff of Herding at the blacksmith for the price of 50,000 gold.

3. Getting to Whimsyshire

With the Staff of Herding in your bags, you are now ready to head to Whimsyshire to destroy some teddy bears!

To get to Whimsyshire, you should do the following.

  1. Load Act I and travel to The Old Ruins waypoint.
  2. Head west to the Old Tristram Road and then southwest until you see the skeleton of a cow near a large crack in the ground.
  3. If the Staff of Herding is in your inventory, the Ghost of the Cow King will spawn with a quest marker above his head.
  4. Talk to the Ghost of the Cow King to activate the entrance to Whimsyshire.
  5. You earn the Feat of Strength In the Land of Killer Unicorns upon accessing Whimsyshire. This achievement also unlocks a banner pattern and sigil.

Upgrading the Staff

You may upgrade your Staff of Herding to access Whimsyshire at higher game difficulty levels.

To upgrade the Staff of Herding, you must do the following.

  1. Be on the Prime Evil quest in Act IV and have killed Izual at the current game difficulty setting.
  2. Teleport to Bastion’s Keep Stronghold and buy the desired plan from Gorell the Quartermaster. Plans cost 1 gold each.
  3. Go to the blacksmith and pay for the upgrade.
    • Nightmare 200,000 gold.
    • Hell 500,000 gold.
    • Inferno 1,000,000 gold.

In total, it will take 1.9 million gold to craft and fully upgrade the Staff of Herding.