Diablo 3 Gameplay Guide - 2.1.1

Quality Well

Quality Well is a secret dungeon that randomly spawns inside wells during Act I and can spawn as early as the quest The Fallen Star: Rumford at the Gate. This dungeon contains monsters that are named after members of the Diablo 3 quality assurance team with the monster descriptions giving you their job titles.

Going to Quality Well

  • Complete the game on normal difficulty.
  • Set the game difficulty level to Nightmare or higher.
  • Start the quest “The Fallen Star: Rumford at the Gate” in Act I.
  • Talk to Captain Rumford to trigger the quest that opens Old Tristram Road.
  • Travel along Old Tristram Road until you see a well at the center of the zone.
  • Quality Well will randomly appear as a dungeon within this well.
  • If Quality Well is not present, reset the game and try again.


View “Inside Quality Well”
View “Outside Quality Well”
View “Rumford”