Diablo 3 Gameplay Guide - 2.1.1

Development Hell

Development Hell is a secret dungeon found in the Forsaken Cemetery during Act I. This dungeon contains monsters that are named after members of the Diablo 3 development team with the monster descriptions giving you their job title. Diablo 3’s Game Director, Jay Wilson, appears as an elite monster in Development Hell and killing him gives you the Feat of Strength achievement Smash! Jay, Smash! and a new banner sigil!

Going to Development Hell

  • Complete the game on normal difficulty.
  • Set the game difficulty level to Nightmare or higher.
  • Start the quest “A Shattered Crown” in Act I.
  • Go to the Forsaken Cemetery and search for the crypts.
  • Development Hell will randomly appear as a 4th available crypt.
  • If Development Hell is not present, reset the game and try again.


View “Inside Development Hell”
View “Outside Cemetery”
View “Jay Wilson”
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