Diablo 3 Gameplay Guide - 2.1.1

Key Binding

As with any computer game, taking advantage of key binding is one the first things any veteran player does to improve their performance. This guide will briefly explain why you should key bind, give you information on effective key binding choices, and show you how to create key binds in-game.

Why key bind at all?

Lots of things happen at once in Diablo III, and the quicker you respond, the better the outcome. You get stunned, lava and hell spawns are swarming around you, a Champion demon charges into your group, and combat text covers your screen..! You’ve got to see all this, react to it, and maintain top performance in the middle of this mess.

Your performance in high pressure situations is based on how quickly you react to different scenarios. The default key bindings work, but do not provide the optimal placement for your hands. In high pressure situations, every split second of reaction time matters!

Improving Your Key Bindings

Diablo 3 key bindings are functional, but can be improved for top performance.

You can access the key binding interface by doing the following.

  • Hit “Esc” to bring up the “Game Menu”
  • Select “Options” on the “Game Menu”
  • Select “Key Bindings” on the “Options Menu”

The following key binding changes will help you react more efficiently and accurately during your gameplay.

  • Relocate the default action bar key binds of 1-2-3-4 to A-S-D-F for a more natural keyboard positioning of your left hand.
  • Add the “Move” command to your key bindings. The ‘W’ key or extra mouse buttons are great locations.
  • Change the default spacebar key bind to “Potion Button” because you want pots to be easier to use!

Keyboard Map

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