Diablo 3 Gameplay Guide - 2.1.1

General Tips

There are many little tips and tricks that can improve your gameplay. Keep the following tips in mind so you can expertly setup your UI and improve your effectiveness in combat, exploration, movement, and professions.


  • Hold down mouse buttons and keys to keep activating your skills. There is no need to spam-click!
  • Hold down “Shift” to stand in place and attack.
  • Don’t forget to use potions in a pinch. Dead heroes tell no tales!
  • Don’t immediately consume Health Orbs if you have high health. Save them for when you need them, especially during elite and boss fights.
  • Create chokepoints that you can control. Try to trap packs of monsters in doorways or at the top/bottom of stairs. These are great spots to use snares and AoE abilities.
  • Don’t forget about ranged monsters! They can do quite a bit of damage if you ignore them.
  • Keep your followers or pets on a tight leash. They will run after monsters if they get too close, so keep your distance until you’re ready to fight.
  • You are unable to move when you attack. When kiting, make sure to plan ahead to be able to stop and attack before monsters can catch up to you.


  • Don’t pick up grey and white items. Don’t break every barrel. It is more efficient to kill, kill, kill and collect big piles of magic and rare loot from monsters.
  • Activate every single shrine.
  • Use the Town Portal when your inventory is full. There’s no cooldown so portal away!


  • Remain in the center of the screen as much as possible. You don’t want to get jumped from the sides.
  • Traveling north provides the widest field of view for the fewest surprise attacks.
  • Work your way around the perimeter of the map first and then explore the center. This is the easiest way to make sure you don’t miss any nooks and crannies.