Talent Build & Glyphs (5.4.8)

Talents and Glyphs give you the flexibility to tweak your Beast Mastery Hunter for a variety of encounters. Use this guide to view the selected talents and glyphs to include in your build and under which circumstances you might need to change your build to increase your effectiveness.

Talent Build

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Build Details

This is the base PvP build for Beast Mastery Hunters. Narrow Escape, Binding Shot and Aspect of The Iron Hawk provide great utility, but may be swapped for other talents in the same tier. Blink Strikes and Glaive Toss offer a strong DPS boost. Thrill of The Hunt is taken for improved Focus generation.

Pet Details

  • Cunning Balance of DPS, mobility, and survivability. Default PvP choice.
  • Ferocity High DPS pet with low survivability. Good for burst DPS in PvP.
  • Tenacity Low DPS pet with high survivability. Not a normal choice for PvP.

Major Glyphs

Major Glyphs are all highly situational. Your Glyph choices will largely depend on your team and class composition.

Minor Glyphs