Stat Priority (5.4.8)

Stats are the core of your character and how you choose to balance those stats will greatly impact the effectiveness of your Affliction Warlock. Use this guide to select the stats that are the most important for your Warlock and learn how to prioritize those stats to optimize your performance.

Stat Priority

Intellect > Spell Hit (15%) > Mastery > Haste > Crit

Stat Summaries

Intellect Increases damage dealt by spells and slightly increases critical strike chance.

Spell Hit (15%) Any Hit Rating will increase your chance to hit and at 15% Hit (5100 Rating) your spells can no longer miss on bosses. To check your hit percentage, open your character panel and then check under the Spell tab for “Hit Chance.” The choice of how much Hit to stack comes down to your comfort level with missing and reapplying DoTs. Thanks to Pandemic, Warlocks have room to spare in their rotation but heavy misses can make the rotation difficult to manage. Stack as much Hit as needed (up to 15%) to maintain a comfortable rotation.

Mastery Potent Afflictions increases the damage by your Agony, Corruption, and Unstable Affliction.

Haste Reduces cast time, lowers GCD, and can gives extra ticks to your DoTs. In a raid or group with the +5% Haste buff, there are two major haste breakpoints that you can try to reach. The first is at 9,778 Haste Rating and will earn you +2 ticks on Unstable Affliction, +3 ticks on Corruption, and +4 ticks on Agony. The next breakpoint is at 13,737 Haste Rating and gets you +2 ticks on Unstable Affliction, +4 ticks on Corruption, and +5 ticks on Agony.

Crit Increases the chance for your attacks to critically hit for additional damage.