DPS Rotation & Cooldowns (5.4.8)

Maintaining a proper Rotation and using the right Cooldowns is essential to maximizing your Affliction Warlock. Use this guide to optimize your single target and AoE rotations while learning how to get the most out of your cooldowns.

Single Target Rotation

DPS Priority: Execute this priority for optimal DPS.

  1. Curse of The Elements when nobody else provides the debuff.
  2. Agony Maintain at all times.
  3. Corruption Maintain at all times.
  4. Unstable Affliction Maintain at all times.
  5. Haunt User as directed in the Haunt section (see below).
  6. Drain Soul when target is below 20% Health. Replaces Malefic Grasp.
  7. Malefic Grasp as a filler spell.
  8. Fel Flame when moving.

Affliction Warlock DPS follows the priority outlined above. Maintain Curse of The Elements, Agony, Corruption, and Unstable Affliction at all times. The easiest way to do this at the start of a fight is to cast Curse of The Elements followed by Soulburn + Soul Swap to instantly apply your DoTs. After that, maintain the debuff from Haunt as noted in the Haunt section (see below) while refreshing each DoT manually (see DoTs section). Use Malefic Grasp as your filler spell when the target is above 20% Health. Finally, when your target is below 20% Health, cast Drain Soul as your filler spell instead of Malefic Grasp and refresh your DoTs with Soulburn + Soul Swap.

Haunt: While your target is above 20% health, prioritize Haunt so that it is on your target during Dark Soul Misery, when spamming Malefic Grasp, and to consume excess Nightfall procs. When your target goes below 20% health, maintain a 100% uptime on Haunt.

DoTs: Refresh your DoTs when you receive trinket procs, weapon enchant procs, or use major DPS cooldown like Dark Soul Misery. This ensures that you have the most powerful version of your DoTs active for as long as possible. Each DoT should be refreshed manually while your target is above 20% health and refreshed with Soulburn + Soul Swap when your target is below 20% health.

Demon: With Grimoire of Supremacy, use the Summon Observer as your pet for both single target and AoE DPS.

AoE Rotation

With < 4 targets, use Soulburn + Soul Swap to apply your DoTs and follow the single target DPS priority. At >= 4 targets, apply Curse of The Elements to all targets via Soulburn. After that, combine Soulburn + Seed of Corruption on one target and then cycle through and maintain Seed of Corruption on all other targets. From here, your priority is to use Soul Shards on Soulburn + Seed of Corruption to maintain Corruption on all targets while keeping Seed of Corruption on all targets. If you have excess Soul Shards and a free GCD, apply Haunt to the AoE target that has the most health.

Effective Cooldowns

These are effective cooldowns to try and incorporate into most all encounters.