Level 100 Shadow Priest Guide [PvE]

A World of Warcraft Class Guide, Updated to Patch 6.0.3

DPS Rotation & Cooldowns for Shadow Priest in PvE | Latest Patch 6.0.3

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The following rotation guide was developed through extensive simulations and play testing with the goal of keeping the guide as simple as possible without sacrificing performance. This guide also included AoE rotations and provides details on when to use special talents and cooldowns.

Single Target Rotation

Buffs: Maintain these buffs at all times.

DPS Priority: Execute the following priority for optimal DPS.

  1. Devouring Plague with >= 3 Shadow Orbs.
  2. Mind Blast on cooldown with <= 5 Shadow Orbs. Generates Shadow Orbs.
  3. Shadow Word Death when target is below 20% health. Generates Shadow Orbs.
  4. Mind Flay with Devouring Plague on the target.
  5. Shadow Word Pain maintained at all times. Refresh with <= 5 sec remaining.
  6. Vampiric Touch maintained at all times. Refresh with <= 4 sec remaining.
  7. Mind Flay as a filler spell.

Shadow Priest DPS involves the proper management of Shadow Orbs and the use of Devouring Plague. The top priority is to cast Devouring Plague with >= 3 Shadow Orbs. From here, use Mind Blast on cooldown when you have <= 5 Shadow Orbs. Next, use Shadow Word Death when available on targets below 20% health to generate Shadow Orbs. Remember to cast Shadow Word Death twice as long as you have <= 5 Shadow Orbs. Always maintain Shadow Word Pain and Vampiric Touch on your targets. Refresh Shadow Word Pain with <= 5 sec remaining and refresh Vampiric Touch with <= 4 sec remaining. Finally, use Mind Flay as a filler spell.

AoE Rotation

The Shadow AoE rotation is very similar to the single target rotation when presented with <= 4 targets. To execute this rotation apply Shadow Word Pain and Vampiric Touch to all targets and continue with the single target rotation, but use Mind Sear as your filler spell instead of Mind Flay. With 5+ targets, simply channel Mind Sear on one of the targets (or the tank if they are in range of the mobs).


Below is advice on how to use the performance-enhancing talents that were selected in this guide.

Effective Cooldowns

These are effective cooldowns to try and incorporate into most all encounters.

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