Discipline Priest Healing Guide

Level 120, Patch 8.0.1

Discipline Priest PvE Healing Rotation - 8.0.1

Below is our guide for prioritizing your Discipline Priest abilities optimally. This should help give you a basic understanding of what to do and what's most important to focus on. Keep in mind that simply following this (or any other) rotation guide will not guarantee you to be amazing at healing. How aggressively you execute the rotation, how fast and intelligently you react in encounters, your FPS, latency, etc. play a large part in the end-result of your performance. We encourage you to really focus on those things and perfect this rotation if you're very performance-focused.

Single Target Rotation

Atonement Healing: Use this spell priority for Atonement healing.

Discipline Priests rely heavily on Atonement for healing. Atonement healing works by first using your healing abilities, usually Power Word Shield, to apply the Atonement buff to your healing target. Then, you can switch to using damage dealing abilities; typically Schism (if selected),  Penance, Smite, and Shadow Word Pain (or Purge The Wicked if selected), to continue to heal your Atonement targets while also dealing damage. Repeat this cycle by maintaining Atonement with your healing spells and then switching to damage spells to continue healing.

AoE Rotation

AoE healing works similar to single target healing with the notable addition of Power Word Radiance which allows you to quickly apply Atonement to multiple targets. Use Power Word Radiance as needed for direct healing and to apply Atonement and cycle to your damage dealing abilities to maintain healing on your Atonement targets.

Effective Cooldowns

These are effective cooldowns to try and incorporate in each encounter.