Level 100 Discipline Priest Guide [PvE]

A World of Warcraft Class Guide, Updated to Patch 6.2.4

Heal Rotation & Cooldowns for Discipline Priest in PvE | Latest Patch 6.2.4

The following rotation guide was developed through extensive simulations and play testing with the goal of keeping the guide as simple as possible without sacrificing performance. This guide also included AoE rotations and provides details on when to use special talents and cooldowns.

Single Target Rotation

Normal Healing: Use this spell priority for normal healing.

Atonement Healing: Use this spell priority for Atonement healing.

Discipline Priest healing involves moving between two different healing styles based on the needs of the fight or your party/raid. Your Normal Healing priority is stronger on most progression content and times where high amounts of damage are delivered to a single target. Atonement Healing is strong for farm content and times where every bit of DPS is required to beat a fight. Since Discipline Priest have the passive talents to do both types of healing, you should feel free to switch healing modes on the fly to best suit each encounter.

In general, the 'Normal' healing rotation involves using Penance and Power Word Shield are your preferred spells for healing and mitigate damage low to moderate amounts of damage. As incoming damage increases, you will need to cast Prayer of Mending on cooldown and begin to use Heal for larger amount of healing. Finally, Flash Heal is used as an emergency heal.

The Atonement healing style involved building and consuming Evangelism. In this system, you will continue to use Power Word Shield as your preferred means for mitigating damage. Penance can also be used to deal a moderate amount of damage or healing. Holy Fire is used to maintian its DoT on your target and build Evangelism. Smite is also used to deal additional damage and build Evangelism. Finally, at a full stack of Evangelism you can activate Archangel for a major boost to healing.

Regardless of how you are healing, you will always need to watch for Borrowed Time procs. It is best to use Borrowed Time on a heal with a longer cast time such as Heal or Prayer of Healing.

AoE Rotation

For AoE healing, use Prayer of Mending on cooldown. Holy Nova works well for low to moderate AoE healing, especially if your group is stacked up. Prayer of Healing is your major AoE heal and should be used for moderate to heavy healing. Continue to use Power Word Shield for players taking spike damage.


Below is advice on how to use the performance-enhancing talents that were selected in this guide.

  • Power Word Solace should be used as often as possible for damage, healing, and Mana regen. Do not skip more powerful heals in preference for Power Word Solace if they are needed, but do remember to use Power Word Solace when healing requirements are only light to moderate.
  • Power Infusion is best used as a strong burst cooldown and should be used as often as possible.
  • Cascade should be used as often as possible. As Discipline, prioritize Cascade when it can be used to heal multiple players in a spread-out group.
  • Clarity of Will provides an additional shield that should be used to mitigate moderate to high amounts of damage.

Effective Cooldowns

These are effective cooldowns to try and incorporate into most all encounters.

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