Reforging (5.4.8)

Reforging allows you to modify the secondary stats on your gear. Use this guide to determine the best strategy for reforging your stats so that you can optimize the performance of your Protection Paladin.

Stat Priority

Stamina > Melee Hit (7.5%) > Expertise (15%) > Haste > Mastery > Parry > Dodge

1. Check for Hit and Expertise

Hit and Expertise allow you to build Holy Power to spend on your mitigation abilities. You want to obtain 7.5% Hit and 15% Expertise to maintain steady Holy Power generation. Reforge your weakest stats (see priority) for Hit/Expertise until those goals are met.

2. Optimize Survivability Stats

After obtaining your Hit/Expertise goals, you want to optimize your survivability stats. Reforge your weakest stat (see priority) into Haste or Mastery whenever possible.