Level 100 Windwalker Monk Guide [PvE]

A World of Warcraft Class Guide, Updated to Patch 6.2.4

DPS Rotation & Cooldowns for Windwalker Monk in PvE | Latest Patch 6.2.4

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The following rotation guide was developed through extensive simulations and play testing with the goal of keeping the guide as simple as possible without sacrificing performance. This guide also included AoE rotations and provides details on when to use special talents and cooldowns.

Single Target Rotation

Buffs: Maintain these buffs at all times.

Chi Builders: Follow this priority to generate Chi when Chi <= 3.

  1. Expel Harm when you are below 80% health.
  2. Jab as default Chi builder.

Chi Finishers: Follow this priority to spend Chi.

  1. Tiger Palm to maintain Tiger Power.
  2. Rising Sun Kick to maintain the damage debuff.
  3. Fists of Fury on cooldown.
  4. Blackout Kick with Combo Breaker Blackout Kick procs.
  5. Tiger Palm with Combo Breaker Tiger Palm procs.
  6. Blackout Kick to dump excess Chi.

The Windwalker Monk DPS priority involves building and spending Chi. First, you only want to use Chi builders when you have <= 3 Chi. If you have >= 4 Chi, use a Chi spender first before building more Chi. To build Chi, use Expel Harm when not at full health and then use Jab as your go-to Chi builder.

The two most important uses for Chi are to cast Rising Sun Kick and Tiger Palm as necessary to maintain the Rising Sun Kick debuff and Tiger Power buff. Your next priority is to use Fists of Fury as often as possible so long as neither the Rising Sun Kick or Tiger Power debuffs/buffs will drop during the duration of Fists of Fury. Next, watch for Combo Breaker procs and use them on Blackout Kick or Tiger Palm. Finally, use Blackout Kick to dump excess Chi.

AoE Rotation

The Windwalker Monk AoE rotation is quite similar to the single target rotation. In fact, with < 4 enemies, you should continue with the single target rotation on one of the targets. At >= 4 enemies, continue to maintain the buffs from Rising Sun Kick and Tiger Palm and using Fists of Fury whenever possible. Spinning Crane Kick now becomes your primary means of generating Chi instead of Jab and Expel Harm.

Note: Storm Earth And Fire can be used under certain AoE conditions. To effectively use Storm Earth And Fire you need to be facing 2-3 targets with an equal DPS priority, expect the targets to live for 10 or more seconds, and be able to remain in range of the targets at all times. If these conditions are not met, then Storm Earth And Fire may result in an overall DPS loss.


Below is advice on how to use the performance-enhancing talents that were selected in this guide.

  • Chi Wave has a relatively low priority in your rotation and should be used as an additional filler ability before dumping excess Chi with Blackout Kick. Only cast Chi Wave when you are not in danger of reaching max Energy.
  • Chi Brew should be used when a burst amount of Chi is most beneficial. As a Windwalker, you should use Chi Brew as often as possible for additional Chi to spend on damage dealing abilities.
  • Diffuse Magic should be used to mitigate incoming magical damage.
  • Invoke Xuen The White Tiger should be used as often as possible for additional damage.
  • Serenity should be used on cooldown for a period of unlimited use of your Chi consuming abilities.

Effective Cooldowns

These are effective cooldowns to try and incorporate into most all encounters.

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