Stat Priority (5.4.8)

Stats are the core of your character and how you choose to balance those stats will greatly impact the effectiveness of your Mistweaver Monk. Use this guide to select the stats that are the most important for your Monk and learn how to prioritize those stats to optimize your performance.

Stat Priority

Spirit > Intellect > Haste (Breakpoint) > Crit > Mastery > Haste (Past Breakpoint)

Stat Summaries

Spirit Increases the rate of your Mana regeneration. Spirit is the best stat for Mana efficiency. Only stack enough Spirit to have just enough Mana for an encounter.

Intellect Increases the power of your heals and slightly improves your spell critical chance.

Haste Reduces cast time and gives extra ticks on HoTs. Assuming normal raid buffs, the most common Haste breakpoint to reach is at 3145 Haste Rating from your gear. At this point, your Renewing Mist gains a 2nd additional tick. The next breakpoint is at 6141 Haste Rating from gear and adds a 3rd additional tick to Renewing Mist. Finally, at 9158 Haste Rating, Renewing Mist receives a 4th additional tick.

Crit Increases the chance to land a critical heal that does additional healing. Critical heals generate additional stacks of Mana Tea thanks to Brewing Mana Tea.

Mastery Mastery Gift of The Serpent gives your heals a chance to summon a Healing Sphere near an injured ally. Allies who move through the sphere consume it and are healed for a moderate amount.