Level 100 Mistweaver Monk Guide [PvE]

A World of Warcraft Class Guide, Updated to Patch 7.0.3

Heal Rotation & Cooldowns for Mistweaver Monk in PvE | Latest Patch 7.0.3

Click for article on our patch 7.0.3 update progress for these guides. Pew pew!

The following rotation guide was developed through extensive simulations and play testing with the goal of keeping the guide as simple as possible without sacrificing performance. This guide also included AoE rotations and provides details on when to use special talents and cooldowns.

Single Target Rotation

There are no set healing rotations in World of Warcraft. Instead, you should familiarize yourself with the mechanics and suggested uses for each healing spell.

HoTs: Spells that provide healing over time and special effects.

  • Enveloping Mist maintained on your primary healing target as much as possible.
  • Renewing Mist maintained on as many targets as possible and to proc additional healing for Vivify.

Direct Heals: Efficient heals to use against a single target.

Healing is a very situational activity. Learn to use your HoTs and direct heals by following the advice above. Remember to consume the procs created by Renewing Mist with Vivify. Also, remember to constantly be channeling Mistweaver Soothing Mist by actively using your other healing spells.

AoE Rotation

Try to use Essence Font as often as possible while continuing the single target rotation. It is helpful to maintain Renewing Mist on several targets to increase Vivify output during AoE healing. Remember to use these procs as soon as possible.


Information on how to incorporate the selected talents from this guide into your rotation is currently being re-worked for 7.0.3. Check back later!

    Effective Cooldowns

    These are effective cooldowns to try and incorporate into most all encounters.

    • Life Cocoon Use to save a player from death.
    • Revival Use for raid healing or to remove encounter specific DoTs/debuffs.
    • Thunder Focus Tea Use on cooldown to buff your next healing ability.
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