Restoration Druid Healing Guide

Level 110, Patch 8.0

Restoration Druid PvE Healing Rotation - 8.0

Below is our guide for prioritizing your Restoration Druid abilities optimally. This should help give you a basic understanding of what to do and what's most important to focus on. Keep in mind that simply following this (or any other) rotation guide will not guarantee you to be amazing at healing. How aggressively you execute the rotation, how fast and intelligently you react in encounters, your FPS, latency, etc. play a large part in the end-result of your performance. We encourage you to really focus on those things and perfect this rotation if you're very performance-focused.

Single Target Rotation

There are no set healing rotations in World of Warcraft. Instead, you should familiarize yourself with the mechanics and suggested uses for each healing spell.

HoTs: These are the most frequently used heals by Restoration Druids.

  • Lifebloom is maintained on your target taking the most damage.
  • Rejuvenation should be maintained on your targets as much as possible.
  • Regrowth should be maintained on your targets as much as possible.
  • Efflorescence should be used any time you can heal 2 or more targets.

Direct Heals: Direct heals are less frequently used than HoTs, but still play a role in healing.

In general, your goal should be to maintain Rejuvenation and Regrowth on as many targets as possible. Maintain Lifebloom on the target taking the most damage and feel free to use Efflorescence any time you can hit 2 or more targets.  Swiftmend is only needed for situations where your HoTs can not keep up with the incoming damage.

AoE Rotation

For AoE healing, you will want to always use Wild Growth and Efflorescence on cooldown with Rejuvenation and Swiftmend used on individual raid members.

Effective Cooldowns

These are effective cooldowns to try and incorporate in each encounter.

  • Ironbark Used as major defensive cooldown on targets receiving intense damage.
  • Rebirth Bring back the dead!
  • Tranquility Major group heal. Use at the discretion of your raid/party leader.
  • Cenarion Ward Maintain on a target taking significant damage (if selected).
  • Incarnation Tree Of Life Use for burst healing (if selected).
  • Flourish Use for burst healing when you have many HoTs applied to your group (if selected).