Level 100 Guardian Druid Guide [PvE]

A World of Warcraft Class Guide, Updated to Patch 7.0.3

Stat Priority for Guardian Druid in PvE | Latest Patch 7.0.3

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Below are the Stat Priority and Stat Summaries for Guardian Druid at level 100. The Stat Priority ranks your stats from most effective (left) to least effective (right). The Stat Summaries provide a quick overview of how each stat impacts your character.

Stat Priority

Stamina > Mastery > Haste > Versatility > Agility > CritView Weights & Pawn

Stat Weights

  1. Stamina


  2. Mastery


  3. Haste


  4. Versatility


  5. Agility


  6. Crit


Pawn String

( Pawn: v1: "PvE-Druid-Guardian-Noxxic": Agility=10.55, MasteryRating=15.05, Stamina=18.05, HasteRating=13.55, CritRating=9.05, Versatility=12.05 )

Stat Summaries

Stamina increases your total health.

Mastery provides a passive bonus to your character based on your specialization. Mastery Natures Guardian increases your maximum health and healing received.

Haste increases attack and spell casting speed, adds additional damage and healing to DoTsA spell or ability that does damage over time. and HoTsA spell or ability that heals over time., and reduces the GCDA universal cooldown activated by most abilities..

Versatility increases your damage, healing, and absorption done and decreases damage received.

Agility increases your attack power and the damage dealt by your abilities. Further, Agility slightly increases your chance to Dodge.

Critical Strike increase the chance for your spells and attacks to critically hit for additional damage and healing. As a Guardian, due to Primal Fury, your critical strikes with Bear form attacks generate additional Rage. This allows for more frequent use of Frenzied Regeneration.

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