Stat Priority (5.4.8)

Stats are the core of your character and how you choose to balance those stats will greatly impact the effectiveness of your Guardian Druid. Use this guide to select the stats that are the most important for your Druid and learn how to prioritize those stats to optimize your performance.

Stat Priority

Stamina >= Agility > Melee Hit (7.5%) = Expertise (15%) > Crit > Haste > Mastery > Dodge

Stat Summaries

Stamina Increases your total health. You want to stack just enough Stamina to survive a couple of hits from bosses so that your healers have time to react.

Agility Increases your Attack Power (threat), Dodge (survivability), and Crit Chance (threat + survivability).

Expertise & Hit These two stats are effective for both threat generation and survival. You need 7.5% Hit (2550 Rating) to no longer miss your attacks, 15% Expertise (5100 Rating) to no longer have attacks dodged, and 15% Expertise to no longer have your attacks parried.

Crit Increases the chance for your attacks to critically hit for additional damage. Thanks to Primal Fury Guardian, your Mangle and auto-attack crits generate 15 Rage which results in more frequent use of Frenzied Regeneration and Savage Defense.

Haste Increases attack speed. For Guardian Druids, each damaging auto-attack generates ~6 Rage so more frequent attacks help increase your Rage generation. Also increases the frequency of Tooth And Claw procs.

Mastery Mastery Natures Guardian increases your total armor. Mastery leads to slightly smoother incoming damage that may be easier for your healers to manage.

Dodge Increases your chance to dodge and avoid an incoming attack.