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  • Ive been combat since I started playing years back. I’ve switched back and forth when I thought one spec was higher dps than the other. I just recently came back from a year long break of so and started MoP. My gear is decent but looking at world best parses it seems all I see is non-combat rogues. Is combat a thing of the past with this expantion, and if so, what is the best dps spec for us rogues now?

    While it depends on the fight, Assassination is best the PVE spec in general.

    But then why is it shown on Noxxic, that it is the lowest in Dps? I’m not arguing, I am just wondering on what is the best spec now. I myself have been away from WOW for about a year or so also, and have been trying to catch up with all the new events, topics, and changes.

    So last I knew, Combat was best, then Assassination – Which was Wrath, and a bit of Cata.

    Any new leads, or info would be nice. :)

    Thank you very much!

    All three specs are competitive which is why it’s hard to get an answer for this. Simulations show all 3 specs being within 5k DPS of eachother, which really means the player should play the spec that their best at/enjoy most.

    If you look at World of Logs, Assassination tends to get the most world ranks in ToT right now over Combat/Sub, which says it scales well with perfect end-game gear and has good synergy with the bosses and raid buffs. But this is unlikely to matter to most players as they’re not going to be in BiS gear and raiding in top 100 world guilds — so really I’d just focus on a spec you like most, and then once you start hitting a plateau with gear upgrades, start experimenting with the other specs and see if you’re able to do more DPS overall. It’s unlikely anyone is going to notice a significant DPS difference between specs if playing them right.

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