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  • The key to the spec priority system is to remember the following:

    Maximize Ammo regen by staying above 8 Ammo as much as possible. Use Hammer Shot if below 8 Ammo and Recharge Cells is on cooldown. Keep the DoT from Incendiary Round up at all times. Use High Impact Bolt on every cooldown and watch for Ionic Accelerator procs. Follow the priority list and use higher priority abilities as often as possible.

    I just wanted to point out that the bold and italics portion is wrong (In a way). The Burning DoT produced by Incendiary Round can also be produced by Hammer Shot or Ion Pulse. Not using Incendiary Round makes DPS much more efficient and higher as Incendiary Round takes up too much ammo to be used in a normal rotation, does very little damage not including the DoT, and is not needed to produce the Burning DoT which increases the damage of Ion Pulse, Stockstrike, Hammer Shot, and High Impact Bolt.

    Therefore, Incendiary Round should not be number 2 on the priority list (or anywhere on the list). Ion Pulse (or Hammer Shot if low on ammo) should be used to maintain the Burning DoT on targets.

    Big up to NajeeSensei!i never noticed that until u mentioned it. Makes it much simpler. Any suggestions on a good rotation?

    After further investigation, i take my last post back, that info is wrong. “incendiary round” is wuts up when it comes to “burn effect”.

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    @najeesensei — This is absolutely incredibly wrong. The burn from Incendiary Round is a completely different DoT from Plasma Cell, which is what Hammer Shot or Ion Pulse procs.

    Here is what I don’t understand about ability rotation for vanguard assault specialist. Why is it in the skill tree, it “suggests” you build all the way up in the tree, to Assault Plastique, yet no where in the ability rotation (single target nor aoe) is the ability used, so why the hell waste the point on it if its not being used?

    It doesnt make sense to get the ability and not use it. I’ve talked to a friend who will give me more info later tonight about his rotation, though we have some cross referencing to do, his toon is a BH, but equivalent to the VanAssSpec advanced class. He says that AssPlast is actually very important to the rotation, and when he asked where I was getting my rotation from, he was surprised to hear that it was noxxic, considering most of the people in the guilds we are both in use noxxic for a lot of good info.

    As soon as I have his rotation that includes AssPlast in it, i will post it here for yall to see. Hopefully this will increase dps for us.

    My friend never got back in touch with me, but after reviewing the AS talent tree and the rotation page here on noxxic, it has come to my attention that who ever did the rotation page, in my opinion, did not do their research properly.

    There are 2 abilites that are affected by the talents that are not listed anywhere, not in single target priority, aoe priority or even defense cooldowns. These 2 abilities are highly increased thru the talents that we take in the Assault Specialist Tree. These 2 abilites are Explosive Surge and Assault Plastique.

    Explosive Surge gets a total bonus in damage of 9% thru talents and also a talent reduces its use cost by 4 and gives a 100% chance to trigger plasma cell on all affected targets.

    Assault Plastique gets a 6% bonus to damage and a 30% chance to crit bonus.

    Now I am not including the Periodic Damage done by the burn affects of these 2 abilites… Extra DOT’s on target means more sustained dps on the target thru burn affects.

    Lets go ahead and review all abilities that are affected by the AS Talent Tree.

    PLASMA CELL (Your active ability that should be up at all times)

    • Ion Pulse
    • Stock Strike
    • High Impact Bolt
    • Incendiary Round
    • Hammer Shot
    • Explosive Surge
    • Assault Plastique

    These are the only abilities that are affected by the Vanguard Assault Specialist Tree. The extra points that you spend in the other two trees, shield specialist and tactics helps to increase the damage of High Impact Bolt, which 2 abilities, Stockstrike and Ion Pulse, can proc and reset the active cool down of High Impact Bolt, no more than every 6 seconds.

    • Mortar Volley & Pulse Cannon. Even though these 2 abilities aren’t affected by any talents they still do a significant amount of damage. M.V. does around 5k and P.C. does around 4k. The only problem with M.V. is its 1 minute cd.

    I will continue to play with these abilities until i come up with a more proper Ability Rotation Priority. Once i am confident that the Rotation Priority is correct i will repost here.

    OK seriously who did the Spec tree for starters on this site its bad…2 the rotation is super bad…
    spec should be 10/8/28 no point going past burnout…

    roation is Ion, HiB, Ion, Ion, Ion, HiB, Hammer, Ion, Ion, HiB, Ion, Ion, Ion, HIB..

    rinse and repeat spent 30 minutes on dummy doing 2.2k+ with no stim just 4 buffs in bis 69/66 gear without Augs and only crafted purple impplants/ears from the crafting vendors never skipped a beat on the proc as well ever 3rd shot it proced in that 30 minutes… i am also running the 4 set bonus armorings from the Partsian Eliminator set for 15% crit increase to HiB with a range bass crit of 20% and tech crit of 26%.. in 30 minutes it crited 51% of the time for HIB which i got to fire every 6 seconds i dont use the IG or SS in my rotation at all its all about the Ion and HiB… works for both PvP and PvE


    10/8/28? what is the build? i need to know how to build this toon.

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