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  • I know using a dagger in my main hand as a sub rouge is mandatory but. Is it better to use a sword in my off hand? Rather than using two dagges? I’m getting into PvP. And have all my BoA gear but noticed a sword in off hand would increse damage. I only ask because it’s very seldom that I see other rogues doing this.

    Well I’d have to ask if it increases damage or DPS the two are very different from one another. Also I don’t believe that any attacks really benefit from your offhand damage, I may be mistaken. I seem to see Subtlety use dual daggers almost exclusively, this could also be to avoid the possibility of needing extra weapons if you were switching over to an assassination for PvE as subtlety is probably the most unpleasant thing I’ve ever had to suffer through for pandaria questing. From what I’ve been told in the past, and this isn’t really up to date information, the difference between a sword and a dagger in offhand is barely noticeable. I believe there is just a better application chance of your offhand poison because you strike more frequently and thus the rolls for application are performed more frequently. This may be normalized to a standard scaling percentage based on attack speed, but I’m not certain. You could test it out if you have two daggers and a single sword that are comparable in item level and stat bonuses, but I’ve always just seen it done as dw daggers. I personally use DW daggers, and never looked back, but I also have assassination for an offspec.

    I haven’t done any in-game tests yet, I’m a few honor points shy of getting the sword but the total dps out put is in-fact higher than that of my dagger. It being off hand tho. One could accurately assume that this would only increase white damage.

    I also once heard that yes, the proc chance changes based off of weapon speed. Example: (the slower weapon speed = higher proc chance) and (the faster weapon speed = lower proc chance). This could say that it makes it fare and even when it comes to proc chances.. you would think that hitting something with a fast weapon would increse chance to proc but I’m told it isn’t so. To further clarify. Example: fast weapon hits target 5 times in 3 secs and procs once.. slow weapon hits target 3 times in 3 secs and procs once. Extremely slow weapon hits target 1 time in 3 secs and procs once.

    See where I’m going with this? But. Since I haven’t had time or acquired the sword to perform tests. My statements are only in theory. Which is why I ask. Honestly I’m assuming that having a sword in off-hand is indeed better…

    Where I’m going with my better procs statement is that each proc is based on essentially a virtual dice roll. When you hit more frequently you have more dice rolling which in turn gives you a potential for higher amount of procs. This is actually kind of irrelevant because this is offhand poison we’re discussing which doesn’t directly influence damage in the first place.

    The issue we’re running into is that for PvP damage is really all that’s going to matter in the end. You can slow someone with crippling poison all day long and they can still kill you, or you could slow casting times all day long and still have them nail you with a really hard crit and still blow you away.

    If the damage with a sword ends up being better in practice then go sword, otherwise stick with the daggers. I think you’ll probably find that the damage is higher, but the DPS is equal. When you get the opportunity to test it out please come on back and let me know because you have me very curious now.

    I should be able to conduct the test by Friday or Saturday night. Need time to accumulate more honor and as you may know it takes a lot in the earlier stages.

    after extensive tests I found (to my surprise) that the dps out put is IDENTICAL! the Proc chance is IDENTICAL! white damage and rotation damage is IDENTICAL! using a sword in off-hand changes nothing. its only purpose would be for transmog appearance… if you would like to conduct your own tests be sure to use a sword that is the same ilvl

    Well go figure, thank you for the information.

    PVP = fast weapons

    PVE = Slow weapons.

    General rule, ofcourse you can only have one slow weapon ( offhand ) as subletly and none as assassination.

    I thing most of the people who have sword and dagger want to be flexible to play subtlety and combat in pvp

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