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  • Hello everyone.

    I am having trouble with creating macros for my rogue to use in pvp. Does anyone have some helpful macros that they are pretty happy with that they would like to share with the masses? Anything you might share I would really appreciate. Thanks to you all in advance.

    I was just about to ask this question… Specifically, Assass spec Arena macros.

    Something like switch target, blind, switch back, mutilate (or whatever is recommended!)

    All advice is welcome!

    I only recently got back into PvP, but here are some that I have found useful…

    /cast [@mouseover] Blind; Blind

    Also the same for Gouge. This allows you to blind or gouge another target without losing your current one. I use this a lot on Hunter pets.

    showtooltip Mutilate
    /cast [nocombat, nostealth] Stealth
    /cleartarget [dead]
    /cast [stealth] Pick Pocket
    /use 10
    /use 13
    /cast Shadow Blades
    /cast Mutilate

    This is my all-around Mutilate. If I’m out of combat, it drops me into stealth (which used to be useful for Overkill), attempts to cast Pick Pocket if I’m in stealth (I just realized I should remove that, though), starts the attack, uses my engineering gloves and activation trinket whenever they are up, and Shadow Blades when they are up. Plus it clears the target if it’s dead. I could probably streamline that one, but you get the idea. Here’s another simple one…

    show [nocombat] Blazing Drake; Expose Armor
    /cast Expose Armor
    /rc [nocombat] mount

    The last bit is for an addon called Random Companion which summons a random mount. That might be built into the UI now, though. Anyway, you can replace it with the mount of your choice. So the macro casts Expose Armor in combat, and mounts when not in combat. This is useful for a lot of things, since many spells and abilities can’t be used in combat. Granted, that’s not many for us Rogues, but it’s a helpful concept whenever you’re playing another class. Another simple one…

    /cast Redirect

    That’s your basic tab-target, but with Redirect added so you can use it as often as it’s up.

    /cast [nocombat] !Stealth; Vanish
    /use 6

    Mashable Stealth/Vanish with Engineering Nitro Boost added. Be careful of this in raids. Fuel Leak can still kill you. Thankfully Cloak of Shadows clears it.

    I’ve got many more, but those are a good place to start. Happy Macro-ing!

    EDIT: The lines that begin “showtooltip” or “show” need a pound sign in front of them. The formatting here makes that look weird, though.

    Here’s some that I use in arenas and BGs.

    Fail-Safe Vanish /castsequence reset=120 Vanish, Preparation, Vanish

    It’s a simple but effective one, I have it bound to the V key, if vanish is on cool down I just push V twice to vanish a second time. It auto-resets too, so if you don’t vanish for 2 minutes you can vanish without wasting the 5 minute CD on preparation.

    Stealth Heal /castsequence reset=18 Premeditation, Recuperate

    Another super simple one I use in team based PVP all the time, I’ll stun a target, vanish, then push this macro twice to do a recuperate. As you can see it just uses premeditation to build 2 combo points before doing the recoup. It’s not a very strong heal, but in arenas every little bit helps.

    Shuriken Spam
    /cast Shuriken Toss

    This is one that I don’t use a WHOLE lot in PVP, but it has it’s uses. It’s most useful in a large crowd of enemies. You just spam this macro over and over to mass apply your poisons to every enemy in the crowd.

    Fail-Safe Stun /castsequence reset=20 Kidney Shot, Shiv, Gouge

    This one has a lot of utility, especially when you have either paralytic poison or crippling poison on your weapon (I usually use paralytic, which is a 4 second root). If you use these skills one after another, you can freeze them in place for 14 second, then you have 6 seconds before you can repeat. I use this one to either GTFO when I’m getting near death, to CC a healer in arenas, or just to CC a DPS while my range partner destroys him from range.

    Those are my main ones, if you find them useful and wanna know some more, let me know :D I have most of my skills in macros.

    Premed slice and dice

    /cast premeditation
    /cast slice and dice

    Premed recup

    /cast premeditation
    /cast recuperate

    These macros cast premed only in stealth and can be used during combat to renew buffs. Better then cast sequence ones

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