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  • I’m currently speedleveling a hunter (Tauren off course) and I want to do some pvp later on in the game. I was wondering what the best spec for that was. I’ve been playing BM a lot but someone told me BM was really gear dependant. Is that true? At the lower levels I was always topdps with BM (in BG’s and in dungeons).

    Char: Klukkluk (Ragnaros)

    Any thoughts?

    @Serafijn — I found that all hunter pvp specs are overpowered as of right now. BM might have gotten a little nerfed in the last patch but its still very viable for pvp especially being the only hunter spec with a stun excluding binding arrow. If your familiar with BM keep going with it. Personally, for low level pvp I found Marksmanship to be entirely too fun as often times I just stood on the roof in the alliance base in warsong and one shot people with aimed shot, I think it can even be cast while moving now.

    As of right now, after testing all three specs I have come up with BM is the best as of right now. With a spirit beast you get a nice heals, if stampede is glyphed you can get 5 heals. Also as BM you get three trinkets, since beastial wrath acts as one, plus prepration, plus an actual trinket(every man for himself). I also feel that BM provides great pressure. The next spec I’d say is MM, survival is nice, but a priest can easily dispell all of your major attacks. I did it on my level 83 disc priest just the other night. So all in all, I’d play BM for now.

    In my opinion SV is not a very viable spec for pvp. It happens to be my favorite spec however, the SV spec has not matured much for awhile like the other 2 specs have. I think it remains underpowered and under specced compared to the other 2. As far as the new specialization tree, SV must realisticly make or take certain choices while the other 2 specs can choose certain specialized talents advantageously. SV is my choice spec even though i feel that it is underpowered and underspecced compaired to the other 2. As far as how the specs have changed over the years the SV spec in my opinion has been belittled and needs some serious attention. Again, this is only my opinion and i would like to hear others as well not only to help me learn more, but to be a better pvp player lol. No matter what though I’m not changing my spec lol….. Good Hunting all!

    I think all of them are good as for pvp its BM for the lower rating arenas and bgs and MM for the higher stuff because of its more constant pressure while bm is very bursty and easier to setup cc chains and get a KB. the one that isnt really viable is surv because like the previous post its Burst and effects and be dispelled but even then versus comps with no healer it can be done with surv i did it once in 2s versus warriors but overall not very likely MM and BM are both highly viable surv is just a beast raiding spec while MM and BM are more suited for pvp and there respected abilitys overall hunters are in a good spot right now. I would think MM is more for 3s and 5s BM is more 2s and BGs Surv is more a PvE spec that can just flat out can dish it out not really reliable in pvp but it can be done and is actualy fun to do when healers dont dispell your dots.

    Im an Orc BM and it’s really good for PvP, the Orcs pet racial help with BM obviously but a Tauren hunter? that to me is just odd.

    I’m confused about PvP power in 5.3.

    Because its been nerfed, its not as valuable as before. So I am not sure how much of it I should have. Currently I have 16%. Is that enough? I wear a combination of PVP and PVE gear to give some sort of balance, and I wonder if 16% is enough. Any ideas?

    To be successful in pvp for hunters… I have experimented a lot and found this. At low levels (about 10-60) marksman is top dos, their burst is unstoppable. At slightly higher (60-75 or 80) Survival is best, serpent sting is just too powerful, especially at 70, shen it becomes upped. However, BM is the only viable spec at 90 for absolute top DPS. You can do well with other specs, but BM has the best damage at 90

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