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  • I just got some new gear and came to the site to recheck my stats and noticed that the first break point for haste is at 9700? This can’t be right wasn’t it at 4700 before?

    I was thinking the same thing, that the 9778 haste breakpoint was practically unreachable, but once i switched out all my mastery gems for haste, reforged and got a few pieces of gear(ilvl 498 now) i actually was able to hit the 9778 in one raid night.


    what the past break point..? in affl 493…
    i got 8k haste and making about 90-100k dps is good or must be higher>??

    @azshara77 — You can reach the ~9700 breakpoint in 502 gear if you focus on Haste, but it’s harder to reach at a lower ilvl. We’ll probably add another, lower breakpoint that is more attainable for 483-496 ilvls.

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