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  • The preferred stat priority for guardian druids seems to be pretty much the same in most guides.

    Stamina >= Agility > Melee Hit (7.5%) = Expertise (15%) > Crit > Haste > Mastery > Dodge

    I’m sort of puzzled why crit gems are preferred above agility gems when choosing gems for the sockets.
    Following the stat priority I would think that agility should be chosen above crit. Or will I be missing crit and therefore threat/rage generation if I chose to socket agility?

    So My question is why am I recommended socketing crit instead of Agility?

    I’d have to say that the reason that Crit would be more supported gem wise, is because of the reduction in primary stats given by red gems vs. secondary stats like crit that went into effect in Mists of Pandaria, before that you just gemmed solid primary stats.

    it’s better because you get double for secondary stat gems plus another 160 crit per gem from the bear form 50% increase giving you a total of 480 crit instead of 160 agi. since the stat weight of agi isn’t much higher than crit the smooth gems are better.

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