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  • Hey guys. I have a warrior 505 ilvl with 2 1handed weapons i do really bad dps, i dunno why please help me with some basics or what ever you have.


    In the future I’d recommend being more specific, it’s hard to give input when just looking at a character.

    But with that being said, reforge your gear, gem it, and enchant it. You’re missing a lot on the currently equipped gear. :P

    Even with a barely optimized character your DPS should be decent. I’d recommend watching videos on how to maximize your DPS.

    Good luck

    Are ya a “clicker” i recommend getting a Razer Naga or similar to speed up the execution of skills,talents,macroes etc.

    Follow Noxxics advices for reforging,rotation etc…. you should be fine really! Also try to find your “rage leaks”(dont use TC as fury , be careful with HS unless you have +60% rage etc etc)

    If you are really lazy try http://www.askmrrobot.com , load your char and run the optimize tool.

    Hey troo. I’d like to be more specific but i dont know what more to write, ty for the help..

    Hey umeld. I ty for the help, i appreciate it

    Agree with Troo on watching videos, there plenty Warrior vids out there and Umeld, just because your a clicker doesn’t put ya at too much of a disadvantage but it is still a disadvantage and a Naga usually will solve that.

    I realize this a very late post but it doesn’t appear that much help was really given here. Warrior dps is heavily based on weapon damage, in other words the higher the item level of your weapon the more drastic your dps will change. so to start off, you want to use your highest item level weapon in your main hand, second fury gemming is to max crit chance, blue slots are going to be hit/crit gem, red strength/crit (you can also use a expertise/crit gem in these if you’re not expertise capped yet), and yellow a solid crit gem. always check for socket bonuses when gemming an item, if for instance it has a blue socket but a socket bonus for mastery and you really don’t need the hit, just put a 320 crit gem in it. also make sure to have all your items enchanted with the best possible enchant. lastly just make sure you’re using the proper priority system (aka rotation) for single target and aoe fights.
    sorry it was so late but hopefully it helps

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