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  • I’m an pvp’er and if i use a 2H should i stack Crit chance or mastery ?
    I know if I DW i should stack mastery but it does not seem logical to me stacking mastery when I’m using Obliterate

    From what I know, haste is still the best stat for you, even in pvp, although crit has its values as well. Mastery just isn’t that great for 1 2H user, since most of your damage won’t come from frost based damage. I would say, go mainly for haste and crit. Minimize the amount of mastery you have.

    @Nothingness — Thank you

    I’d like to add to Nothingness’ reply, i would suggest as 2H Frost not looking too much into crit as you get 100% crit on a killing machine proc which in turn procs off auto-attacks, so stacking haste will increase procs.

    Dude honestly, for PVP haste spot on for a 2H. But if going to PVP from PVE the most important part of all talent rechange. This could be what the prob is. Based on what ive seen their are talents geared towards PVE and PVP. Like lichborne, in PVP ud be surprised how much that will be used(for ex.) The talents in my experience will mean more use and survivability than the Reforged haste. On the otherhhand,Crit is more important in PVE, I have a ilvl 502 and pretty constantly do 302K dmg at max. Using rotation and maximizin crit. There’s my 2cents most of it was already covered.

    nothin much

    @kalied — Kalied with all due respect I’ve used haste in PVE got into while traversing during my PVP time, and honestly Haste and PVP prioirity talents wont pull u as many numbers, but ur surviability goes up more. Do read what the Haste, Crit, and Mastery do on this site. And trust me its true Haste excels in long term engagements and players will be doin everythiing under the sun to live….So its pays dividends for the Haste stat to be used in PVP. Most monsters r easy targets and ur job as well any char is to lower their HP faster than urs…So the Crit, Mastery, Haste pays more dividends as well as the talents selected gets it done better.

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