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  • So I play an Ele shaman right now thats level 89. I have never played Enhance so I am not gonna take sides yet. I’m just gonna talk about a few advantages that I think are given to Ele shamans.

    First off as an ele shammy I pull an incredible amount of burst. Ascendance in my opinion is better for ele shammies than both resto or enhance (which basically turns them into hunters with the ranged auto attacks) for pve and pvp and I’ll explain why. In pve I always pop ascendance with spiritwalkers grace. This allows me to spam lava burst with no exception. Lava burst spam for 15 seconds literally nukes bosses but I will add that I did notice myself pulling more burst on my Demo Lock at the same level with much worse gear which probably goes to show how OP locks are, and I have seen Paladins burst 80k in MoP regs too, but when compared to Enhance shammies I think its safe to say Ele has the superior burst.

    This ties well into my opinion on pvp. Since Ele shammies have superior burst this gives them an edge I think in pvp. Spike burst damage for a short duration has the ability to kill some people that dishing out a lower amount of damage over a longer period of time cannot. As an ele shammy I consider myself a sort of sniper, sort of drifting out to the corner of the arena or bg and if the other team doesnt pay attention I pop all cd’s and fill them with lava bursts. If that doesn’t work though you have to play defensively from there on out as has pretty weak maintained dps after cd’s.

    Right now I’m playing an ele shaman as well, and i just hit 90. I definitely agree that we’re better at pve than enhancement, but for some reason everyone i talk to says that for pvp enhancement is the way to go. I was wondering if anyone could show me some reason for this? Besides the fact the arguably have better self heals with spirit wolves and maelstrom weapons, i don’t see any advantage. Travis I’m totally with you that els is better in regards to pve and pvp but i was wondering if someone could come defend enhancement so i could see what they have going for them?

    Playing as elemental in 2v2s with disc priest. enhancement shammys we meet, usually go down as fast as warriors after patch.

    According to Noxxic enhance has a slight advantage in end game dps with top gear and raid buffs.

    Ele vs Enh is a pure playstyle choice. My Shammy has always been Enh and I love it. My wife has always been heals and I finally convinced her to try dps….so ele was an obvious choice with her heal set…and guess what…she loves Ele. If you’re a in the face smash’em kind player, try Enh…but if you are a caster at heart and prefer range, then go Ele.
    BTW…Im now jealous of her dps…with the buffs to Chain Lightning….but thats only trash. :p

    The main and most significant difference between these two specs is Enhancement has higher sustained damage than Elemental, Ele has amazing burst but when it comes to PvE sustained it better if you want to stay ahead on dps, however, what makes Ele pull ahead more often is 1, some raid mechanics are more friendly to to ranged, especially ranged who can move, and 2, ele has fantastic AoE potential. So over the course of a whole raid an ele shaman will contribute to a lot of the total damage done, in raid finder i’m always in the top 3 in 491 ilvl but on bosses my bro who plays ehancement does only a little less than me in significantly worse gear, if our gear was equal he’d be way ahead.

    Top dps specs in game atm are high sustained dps with some burst cooldowns.
    Retri has one of the highest bursts, actually, the highest burst of all melee, possibly of all classes, yet falls behind as cooldowns wear off.

    @MGShadow1989 — Agreed. I would have to say most raid mechanics are more range friendlier than melee, but knowledge is very powerful for melee too. If you know where the boss is going, and when to move, melee dps loss can be minimized, for any class.
    As for Ele burst, my enh shaman will never match that off the bat…but towards the end of the fight, I see ele’s drop off and sustained enh dps closes the gap. For aoe, Flame Shock/Lava Lash/Fire Nova with a Magma totem…throw in some malestrom chain lightning procs…and aoe dps is great…but to tell you the truth….half the time I can’t be bothered chasing trash down…and leave it to range.

    Some peeps are more impressed with dps meters these days, than actually being a useful team member. My healer knows I will throw down free healing rains for the melee, drop my healing totem and spot heal the tank if needed, add some interrupts and you’re good to go. Does it cost me some dps? Yes. Can I tank a raid boss for 5 secs while they be rez the tank? Yes. If you count in the versatility and fun factor…my shammy is definitely my most played toon and 1st choice I will take to any raid. Hand down.

    Why not try it? You know you want to….hehe. :D

    @Mothman — lol, I thought I was alone in this observation that people are more impressed by dps meters, also, I personally think some players play a class/spec just for its dps potential instead of genuinely enjoying it.
    Not that it’s a bad thing to focus on your damage, but a lot of players can forget about their utility.

    Healing rain and healing stream totem I use as often as needed on my shaman, the versatility is in my opinion the most enjoyable part of the class.
    For me my shaman is also my most played character, followed closely by my paladin, again, awesome utility and versatility.

    I play ele for several reasons. 1) I just hit 90 and am still not geared enough for raids, meaning that all I’m doing right now are heroics and scenarios where burst totally annihilates sustained dps since the bosses go down very quickly. 2) My off-spec is resto which means I don’t need 2 sets of gear. 3) Theres nothing like the feeling of bursting as an elemental shammy with all CD’s. Fire elemental totem + Stormlash Totem + Heroism + Ascendance + Spiritwalkers Grace, popping off a flame shock into the boss and then running circles around em spamming lava bursts. Its like wiping your A$$ with fine silk.

    Now I play Enhancement And enjoy it a lot. I’ve seen myself dance around an Ele Shaman in dps and I’ve seen them dance around me. It’s Literally play style preference. I believe the burst is about equal on Ele and Enh because yoyu have to take Enh mastery into account. This Mastery Increases All Frost, Fire and Nature Damage Dealt. Ascendance Makes Stormblast and All auto attacks do Pure Nature Damage. So we’re Pop ascendance and Start a fifteen second state of constantly increased damage then you add crits In and that doubles our damage. Then Lava Lash hits like a truck anyway add that Extra Fire daamage from mastery and Wow. Enhancement can hit very hard very Fast. now Ele shamans mastery gives them free instant cast Duplicates of Spells Cast. So while you guys are Lava Burst Spamming/ Lava Beam Spamming For whatever reasons ive seen both. You have a good chance to get free ones in there especially if you spec for Echo of the Elements Allowing you to proc extra spells more often.

    In all honesty Trav it’s whatever you play the best.

    Senjira @ Farstriders

    I’m not sure elemental has better burst than enhance. I play elemental, but I regularly see enhance shamans with better burst. The enchance in our raid group who is around 525-530, bursts for 430k. Elemental DPS depends quite a bit on lava surge procs, which are fairly RNG. I’ve come to think that there is something wrong with this proc recently. Either Lava Surge is proc’ing all the time, or not proc’ing at all. When it’s proc’ing, my DPS is great. When I’m getting like 3 or fewer procs a minute, it sucks – and yes flametongue is active. Ascendance isn’t that much of a DPS boost if I’m not getting lava surge procs or EoE/mastery pops.

    I’ve also come to believe that rolling thunder has an issue as well when I am using chain lightning for AOE. Yes, I’m aware that chain lightning won’t proc rolling thunder as much as lightning bolt, but it is still irregular enough to warrant concern. Sometimes when I’m spamming CL, I don’t see my mana go below 280k. Other times, when I’m spamming CL, I find myself at 30k mana and wondering ????????

    Like several people have said, the fine details about the superiority of one spec over another most often have to do with personal play preference and if the mechanics of that spec click for you. Looking at theoretical DPS numbers you may see a difference of up to about 10% from one spec to another (not just these two, but ANY two specs). In real world application the effectiveness of the spec has MUCH more to do with the player behind the keyboard than the limits of the spec itself, or in many cases, the ilvl of the player in question.

    In short: Play them both for a few weeks, and decide for yourself.

    Everyone is saying elemental has better aoe but i do not think that is the case. Maybe with proper trinkets and stats they can pull more but as enhance i typically pull 500-600k at 541 ilvl with no legendary. Elemental shamans at my ilvl usually pull a little less from what i have seen. The best thing about enhance aoe is that all we need is 1 button, fire nova, which allows us to focus the main target. As elemental it took me a while to get my dps going. As far as burst goes im not sure who has more but i think Lashrin has a point without your procs your may not get good burst. To kill someone in world pvp all i need to do is pop ascendance and stormstrike and their goes 1/2 to 2/3 of their health. -_- But elemental shamans do have some scary burst! thank god for Grounding totem and wind shear.

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