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  • Hey I couldn’t seem to find a forum topic which summed up helpful addons and macros specified for Destruction (Other speccs works too I guess).

    TellMeWhen – This addon has helped me a lot to track proccs, to know when to dump embers on Chaos Bolt, also great to keep track off when Havoc comes of CD. This addon can track literally anything you want on yourself, buffs, CDs, other raid members’ buffs and CDs too.

    Havoc Mouseover – A Macro for Havoc on the target your mouse is over, very helpful as you don’t need to target the other mob to effectively not waste time during the GCD while frantically trying to re-target the mob you’re DPSing.

    /use [@mouseover]Havoc”

    When it comes to Macros I tried finding a Rain of Fire @mouseover macro, but I havn’t had any luck yet. Feel free to post your helpful Macros and Addons.

    Hey Nooya,

    I am currently a Destruction Warlock and I have been doing a little bit of research on addons / macros as well. One of the addons that you mentioned, TellMeWhen, I actually attempted to use myself and found it much too difficult to set-up for PvP situations, (tracking DoTs, etc.) I am personally not a big fan of the “mouseover” macros, and have not really found a use for them. I am a really big “clicker” and found the most comfortable way for me to play is actually have 3 main spells on 1, 2 and 3, and the rest is all done with my mouse. (Even in PvP.) I tend to keep my addons very basic for both PvE and PvP.

    One addons that I can tell you I have found very useful, (although it makes a complete UI switch and may take a few days to get used to), is ElvUI. You actually can’t get it off of the Curse Client, but you can find it only by simply doing a search. It is free, and replaces you UI completely. It looks amazing, and once you install it you will notice the built in features it has are so powerful, it almost puts an end to all of your other addons. It has a very well placed Ember Tracker as well as a clean and open looking UI.

    I would be willing to add more input on this subject, but I am currently getting low on time and have leave at the moment. I may try to update this a bit more in the future.

    Either way, feel free to contact me or add me on WoW at anytime.

    Ryan K.
    Riverside @ Anvilmar

    @riverside I use to be a clicker aswell until someone pointed out to me that using keybindings means you can react much quicker.If you can you want to bind everything or at least 90% of your action bar.You say you use 1,2,3 well you always add shift 1,2,3 ctrl 1,2,3 e.t.c.Lets say for example someone is casting a chaos bolt on you,if you have your interupt bound to e for example you will be able to interupt alot quicker than clicking,anyways veering off topic.

    If your looking for macros best bet is to just google destro warlock macros and you will find many useful macros that way,GL!

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