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  • So hello, im on 515ilvl atm, and testing my dummy dps for destro with GoSUp and reforging + regeming everything 1 time with haste: 110k dps 5 mins 1 time with critical: 100k dps 5 mins 1 time with mastery: 105k dps 5 mins.

    yesterday tho at lei shen my dps with haste gem/reforge was like 10-15k lower than what i did with critical gem/reforge on 1st kill. what u guys using as main stat? also, observer? or maybe imp?

    Edit: i got ideas of regem+reforge from askmrrobot.

    I’m really confused with that too. Noxxic and askmrrobot are putting Crit > Mastery, but I’m not sire what is user to define that. On the other hand, simulationcraft.org shows master > crit, even for destro.

    I’d like to think that this is because they are considering BiS gear and T15 set bonus and so on. But the truth is I’m not sure on which stat to focus.

    Personally I think mastery is better over all else. As for the pets I use the Demonic Sacrifice talent. I do about 10k more with it. But if you were to use a pet, the Imp would be the best way to go.

    mastery + critical or mastery + haste? wowgaymer.

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