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  • Since the release of patch 2.0.4, crusaders recieved a considerable damage and survival boost. Lots of wrath spenders got damage boosters along with a 15% reduced damage buff similar to the monk and barbarian. However, I still noticed that I was killing things relatively slowly with the builds on Noxxic. Don’t get me wrong, these builds are very viable for lots of situations. But, I have been tinkering, trying to squeeze out more damage. And so far I’ve been successful. So, let’s get right down to it.

    I used the Fist of Heavens build Noxxic suggested. And, for awhile, it was very effective, but I got curious. So I experimented and this is what I came up with:
    For your generator: Slash with Crush. Moderate damage with increased crit chance resulting in a nice, steady output of damage.
    For your wrath spender: Heaven’s Fury with Fires of Heaven. Although this ability got nerfed from 950% weapon damage to 735%, it no longer has a cooldown and costs 40 wrath. Not bad in my opinion. You can hit pretty hard with this ability.
    Next is Condemn with Unleashed. Nothing beats a fast refreshing explosion that does 1160% weapon damage unleashed in an instant.
    Judgement with Resolved. Nice little root you can place at your target. Good utility for those annoying ranged rares, and it increases your crit chance. Small cooldown lets you smash the button more often. However, it can be switched out for Bombardment if you don’t mind waiting out the 60 second cooldown. My suggested runes are either Annihilate or Impactful Bombardment. Impactful Bombardment increases its damage to 3320%, huge damage if it crits.
    Shield Glare with Divine Verdict. Awesome AoE stun. 12 second cooldown and the rune increases all damage to blinded targets by 20% for 4 seconds.
    Laws of Valor with Critical. This is a staple for all crusaders. Lots of variations to use with this law. Nice attack speed buff with the rune increasing critical hit damage by 100%, but the rune can also be switched for Unstoppable Force which reduces the wrath cost of abilities by 50%.
    So let’s tie it all together. Pop all your abilites and spam Heaven’s Fury for lots of damage to a pack of mobs or to a boss. Shield Glare, Judgment, and Condemn are on quick cooldowns so you can use them for anything almost all the time. Quick, bursty damage and it’s fun to snipe things with Heaven’s Fury.

    Now, for the passive skills:
    Wrathful is a must. You need some survival skills after all. 835 life for every point of wrath spent. 40 x 825 = 33000 life with every Heaven’s Fury. Not too shabby.
    Righteousness is also necessary. More wrath = more Heaven’s Fury.
    Heavenly Strength (provided you are using a 2h). Just increases your damage overall even though it makes you slow. The trade-off is worth it.
    Finery is my recommendation. 70 strength for every socketed gem is a really nice damage booster provided that you have quite a few gems socketed. If you don’t have any then it’s worthless.

    Now, onto gems:
    You want to stack strength because, obviously, it increases your damage output. Rubies are your friend. You want an emerald in your weapon, however. It increases your critical hit damage by a lot, totally worth it otherwise your weapon is useless. Put a diamond in your helmet, it reduces the cooldown of all of your skills. The more you can mash, the more damage you do.

    Onto enchanting:
    Attack speed isn’t really helpful for crusaders. Crit chance or crit damage is much more useful, so try to enchant attack speed to the stat you need most. As a rule of thumb, crit chance and crit damage should be ratioed 1:10 or 1.1:10. So, if you have 10% crit chance you should have 100% crit damage. Of course, sometimes it’s not perfect, so don’t give yourself gray hairs over the ratio.
    Any piece of gear that increases the damage of an ability is pretty nice, just make sure that it buffs an ability you’re using. Like always, crit chance and crit damage is your priority.

    So there you have it. Everything I have gathered since patch 2.0.4. Here are the links to the build variations:
    Judgment: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/crusader#bliRYf!aYSe!bcZYab
    Bombardment: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/crusader#bliOYf!aYSe!bcZYab
    Added input is always welcome. Have fun!

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