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  • I was playing when a wild doubt appeared: Which one is the best race for rogue?

    I play a female belf and she is squishy

    That’s the interesting thing for rogues, you can use pretty much any race. I play a belf male for the silence so I can really frustrate casters, plus they’re my preferred race. I only play the horde side so I can’t speak to alliance players, however for horde I’d have to assume that goblins would be a preferred race, simply because they’re small and could easily hide without using stealth or anything. Due to the racials I could see trolls and orcs being useful races for it. Orcs for the attack power boost and fist/axe damage boost, trolls for the attack speed boost. Rogues are pretty much all preference though.

    I really enjoy playing as a dwarf. The racial trait stone form works great with vanish. Stone form removes all bleed affects. Combine that with Cloak and its like starting all new. no DOTs

    I prefer undead, the racials are pretty neat you have touch of the grave. Also i find cannibalize pretty useful if running low on health in arenas. Also got the Will of forsaken but kinda shares cd with trink.

    that could help you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gT79oslyETU

    I like nightelves.

    If you don’t have dots on you, then you can use shadowmeld + stealth.

    Also shadowmeld can stop ablities already thrown at you from doing damage, very handy vs stupid chaos bolts.

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