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  • Ok so I recently started a warlock and i wanted to know which PvP sec would be best.

    It depends on what you’re trying to be best at. No spec has more control than the others, so it’s a matter of preference and knowing your spec. Demonology has a nice advantage with demonic leap if you have the terrain to leap from. Destro is good for getting instant casts from melee hits. Aff is generally better at consistent dps from being dot-heavy.

    Personally for me. I perfer dest in bgs because they deal huge shots with chaos bolt especially when u target less geared players. It’s prob the best spec if you use your cool downs alot. I also use aff because once u get the dots on someone. It’s usually sweat coasting from there. It’s pretty nice for 2v2 when healers try to make a break for it and the dots deal a lot of damage as your chancing them. Demo is nice because pets but its main source for damage is demon form and u need to build up ur demononic fury to deal real damage which is hard to do while in a bg

    For 2v2 affliction is great if played right.. as killindragon said “also use aff because once u get the dots on someone. It’s usually sweat coasting from there.’ thats actually wrong your dots do not hit hard at all unless UA is dispelled. you have to know how to kite fear, blanket fears and ect… in 2s you will get trained as afflict. My main is afflict and im still learning.. im learning from 2 of the best affliction locks right now..

    For me it all depends on your comb and arena bracket ,for example , this is what I do:

    2s – Demonology or Destro (since 2s is mostly about burst)
    3s – Affliction (works really good with shadow cleave)
    5s – Destro
    RBGS – Destro

    Hope this opinion helps !

    I would say that in a 2v2 aspect Destro all the way. The chaos bolt is a perfect thing to make your opposition scream in misery and furry. I mainly play 2v2 as Destro and the combination of fearing then useing all burst DPS CD’s are awesome!!!!!

    For 2’s I have found Demo to be the better spec, as I play with a healer. The reason this works over the others is because the burst, while taking longer to build, does more overall damage and in a pretty fast time. Destro just didn’t work for me, I feel patch 5.3 has killed destro as chaos bolts do very little damage. Affli it seems the dots are very powerful especially against healers, but the burst for 2s isn’t enough, so more of a 3s spec.

    There really is no correct answer. This all depends on your play-style. Personally, I prefer Affliction over any spec in any situation whether it’s 2v2 / 3v3 / 5v5 / battlegrounds, etc. I enjoy the playstyle. I am able to dish out tons of damage and consistently to more than one person and literally burst down two people at the same time.

    Destruction is more of a “YOLO” class, it’s primarily single target dps and has the potential to practically “one-shot” people, really good at spinning flags and demonology is the best at holding flags / orbs due to their mobility and survivability (if played right).

    Every spec works, I play them all.. destruction would be a good starting spec. due to its simplicity but definitely try them all out before settling with one.

    I have a single concern with Destro for PvP and really, it’s minor, but would be horrific if it happened. Warriors and Hunters have a deflect, actually prot warriors have two, one of them is cast on the group. Wouldn’t it be awful if you spent all that time working towards annihilating the enemy with a chaos bolt, and the warrior uses spell reflect, and one shots you with your own chaos bolt? Worse off, you havoced the healer and warrior, only to have him pop the talent and have them BOTH reflected back at you. If that doesn’t one shot you, I don’t know what would. (I guess technically would be considered a two shot.) At any rate, it’s a completely random occurrence and shouldn’t really affect what you choose for your class, just something I had pop into my mind since I play a prot warrior.

    I run a Destro and have had that happen, it does not one shot me but does hurt none the less, the group I have done best in is with in 3v3 is with a rogue. We shadow bomb someone, depending on the players gear I can hit from 60k-170k. one last note, I have an ability called shadowburn that procs at 20% health if the player gets to 20% and I use that proc they are dead 9 out 10 times, and I can use it as many times as I have embers. this has proc for over 200k in the right conditions.

    Yeah I should have stopped back in and edited my post After a pretty lengthy discussion with some friends of mine I found that despite affliction being constant sustained damage and pretty effective, They did however find that Destro is both more enjoyable and more effective to play for PvP, especially with the proper group. Sure you have the potential to have massive damage thrown back at you on the exceptionally rare chance that chaos bolt or something is reflected to you, but it’s so rare that they actually enjoy when it happens because even though it hurts, it provides some more excitement to the PvP.

    Also against a warrior or hunter consider using a fear before casting chaos bolt, that might save you from a reflect.

    according to me destro is more of a pvp friendly spec compared to others if u manage to use ur CDs with apt precision….. try fearing at the right time……. that saves some mess …;)

    I’ve played all 3 specs. There are strengts to all of them, if u run with a healer in 2s i.e. Demonology is the easiest, with destro close second (especially when u master havoc tricks). Those specs have the fewest keybinds, and usually “cookiebuilds”, meaning u dont have to respec to much in between matches. Destro burst is however pretty easy to counter. Demo not so much. I got pretty tired of those specs however since its one button spam -> pop cds -> burst. As affliction goes, it really shines in 3s, but it is challenging in 2s. Especially with a healer – you will need build pressure, peel for healer and time your cc chain with i.e. double fear -> havoc -> blanket silence while all dots rolling with soul drain to go for a kill. What I like to do ia to manually dot up one target full row of dots, pop dark soul -> then soulburn + soulswap same target. This will extend your dots making them last long and strong (due talent “pandemic”). First then i start soulswapping them around, as this gives you more time to roll fears and build even more pressure before you need to reapply your dots. I even went full haste like Nadagast did, ignoring mastery completely. 0.8 sec cast on UA is pretty nice, and fearing faster than druids can cyclone. The DPS loss is insignificant really, and in PvP corruption ticks are key as they proc shards. I do however recommend going mastery untill u are full dread, and its a matter of playstyle really. Here is a link I used to find my optimal haste cap over at the pro’s at totemspot: http:// www. totemspot. com/ vb/ entry.php?b=44

    @Sherekahn — “will need build pressure, peel for healer and time your cc chain with i.e. double fear -> havoc -> blanket silence” I mean ofc mortal coil, not havoc

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